Katie ArmigerKatie Armiger is riding the airwaves with her new single 'Kiss Me Now,' the first release from her upcoming third album.

The 18-year-old wrote the song with Sarah Buxton -- who just released her own new album this week -- and celebrated tunesmith Blair Daly. Katie explains that 'Kiss Me Now' began a bit differently than how it ended up.

"I came in with the idea for 'Kiss Me Now,' and it was actually this kind of sappy love song," she tells The Boot. "And I started singing some of it and Blair took out his guitar and started playing the opening lick that we have on there. He [said], 'No, I think this should be a little quirkier, more upbeat.' I said, 'I'm OK with that.' So, we totally changed the concept to 'you really like this guy.' And everybody's had a friend like that that they like a little more than that, so we decided to write about that."

Katie recently shot the video for 'Kiss Me Now' in Dallas, Texas, and in the clip she winds up in the arms of a very hot guy ... handpicked by the singer herself. "They emailed me this huge list of models, and it was ... awful. I was really upset about it," jokes Katie. "I got to see pictures of them with their shirts off and all of these pictures and poses, and I just picked my favorite. It was [similar] to how they have these things like 'search for a wife or husband .com' It was literally like that! I'm handpicking my dream guy for the video. Wow!"

When asked if she still keeps in touch with him, Katie giggles, blushes and jokingly says, 'No comment.' So, does that mean the two may see each other or chat once in a while? Not sure, but she did reveal, "He's not a bad kisser." The two had a scene at the end of the clip where they kiss, and surprisingly, they had to retake that scene about 15 times.

So, in the looks department the leading man in her upcoming video would be her "dream guy," but Katie says there has to be more to a potential boyfriend than just his appearance. "If he could cook, that would be amazing," she notes. "He has to be confident, have a good sense of humor, I would say he would want to have fun. I mean you have to have serious aspects in that we can discuss things in an intelligent manner, but we can also have fun."

She also says he should be confident, but not arrogant, especially since she's run into those arrogant types before. "I was dating a guy, actually, and he told me that I didn't know how lucky I was to be dating him ... and he meant it."

'Kiss Me Now' recently became Katie's first single to debut on the Billboard chart.

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