While Katie Armiger's new album, Fall Into Me, is largely inspired by the highs and lows of one romantic relationship, she's quick to dismiss the comparisons to Adele's Grammy-sweeping 21 album, which is solely based on one ex-boyfriend.

"It started out as, 'I'm going to write an album that's really sad, all about this one person.' But it turned out to not just be about one person, even though I thought that it was," the 21-year-old singer-songwriter explains to The Boot. "It also delves into some of my friends' relationships, watching them and seeing things I really liked ... and things I really didn't like. I took inspiration from all of that."

Katie is thankful for her change in songwriting course, as she realizes it will help more fans relate to her new music. It also helps her keep coy when speculation comes from friends and fans as to which particular person each song is about.

As for its title, Fall Into Me was chosen by the Texas native as an "overall representation" of all 14 tracks. "This album revolves around love -- whether it's falling in love or falling out of love, you're always falling into something."

Fall Into Me is due in stores Tuesday, Jan. 15. The project has already spawned the sassy, rising hit, "Better in a Black Dress." Watch its video below, and preview an ethereal ballad from the album, "Safe," here.