Katie Armiger knew at a very young age that she wanted to be a country singer. In fact, it was her precocious musical aspirations that caused her to be expelled from school before she even started kindergarten!

"I wasn't kicked out of preschool because I was a problematic child," she reveals."I was mischievous and I was put in time-out a lot. I would write songs in time-out about how much I hated it there. I would make the teachers so mad that they said, 'We can't watch her anymore. Send her to another preschool.'"

The 19-year old, who later gained favor with schools all across America thanks to her single, 'Leaving Home,' which became an anthem for graduating seniors, is getting ready to release her third CD for Cold River Records, 'Confessions of a Nice Girl,' October 5. And even though she is becoming a seasoned pro at making albums, she still gets excited about seeing her music in stores. "I'm going to be that person who buys every single copy [in the store]," she admits. "I figure if I spend $100 on myself it won't really matter."

Chances are, 'Confessions' will sell plenty of copies on it's own, thanks to the hard work Katie is doing to promote her new music. This month's cover girl on the teen magazine, 'Justine,' she will also make a nationally-televised appearance on CBS' 'The Early Show' in October. The teen sensation, who gained touring experience and a wide fan base, by appearing alongside several established acts, including Jason Aldean, Craig Morgan and Luke Bryan, plans to hit the road this fall visiting radio stations in support of her new album. Find her tour schedule here.