Kacey Musgraves has had a whirlwind of a first year in the country music spotlight. After her recent wins at the 2014 Grammy Awards and last year's CMA Awards, there's no sign that things are slowing down for the young artist.

Despite the perceived glamour of traveling the country touring with Little Big Town and Kenny Chesney, Musgraves says that she did her best to remain down to earth. On the tour bus she shares with her band, Musgraves made sure to sleep in what musicians call a "coffin," rather than in the big bedroom often found at the back of the bus.

“I have a bunk, just like everybody else,” she tells CMA Close Up. “I wanted to be with the band. It’s like summer camp, you know? Being the only girl on a bus with nine guys is kind of hard when you don’t have your own space, or your own bus. But we are a close-knit group of people and friends. I kind of like the fact that we’re just all in it together right now. I feel like I would feel a little lonely if I was completely separated.”

Even if she wasn't separated from her band, Musgraves struggled with being far from home for such long periods of time.

“It’s so easy to just get caught up on going and going that you forget to include people that aren’t on the dream with you physically," she says. "So it’s hard. It takes a lot of effort to stay connected to the people who aren’t immediately right in front of you.”

While with Chesney on the No Shoes Nation Tour, the 'Spread the Love' singer gave Musgraves some advice on dealing with the tough days.

“He was just like, ‘Hey, I know this all can get overwhelming sometimes, but don’t let it. It’s about music. It should be fun,’" she says. "That’s really cool, if you think about it like that.”