Kacey Musgraves has released the fourth single off of her debut album, 'Same Trailer Different Park.'

'Keep It to Yourself' runs along the more traditional lines that country fans are used to. Musgraves' last single, 'Follow Your Arrow,' pushed boundaries, but didn't make much headway on country radio. The new single is a much more traditional song about the heartache of a breakup.

This breakup song steps away from the revenge-oriented tunes that have been popular and instead hits much closer to home.

“Keep it to yourself / If you think that you still love me put it on a shelf / If you’re lookin’ for someone, make it someone else / When you’re drunk / And it’s late / And you’re missin’ me like hell / Keep it to yourself,” she sings in the chorus.

Any person who has tried to move on from a broken heart can relate to the sadness in those lyrics, which Musgraves penned herself.

It's great to see a young country star writing songs that push the boundaries of the genre in a positive direction, but 'Keep It to Yourself' makes it clear that Musgraves has the chops to perform on a variety of levels.