In true Kacey Musgraves style, the singer took the 2015 CMA Awards stage for an over-the-top performance of "Dime Store Cowgirl."

Musgraves has quickly become known as a rock-solid singer and songwriter, and her uniqueness has caught the eyes — and ears — of many fans. Her intriguing style spilled over into her wardrobe during her CMA performance. She wore a skin-tight silver sequined outfit and a matching white and silver cowboy hat that was the perfect compliment to her white boots. Not one to forget about her band, Musgraves had them decked pink suites with some added sparkle around the hemlines.

Musgraves' adorable outfit was the perfect match for her playful backdrop, which featured glitter, unicorns and rainbows. At the end of her performance, even co-host Brad Paisley was getting in the spirit, holding and yelling about a My Little Pony.

Recently, Musgraves put a fun new spin on the Disney classic “A Spoonful of Sugar” from Mary Poppins for the newly released We Love Disney album.

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