Justin Moore, Kate MooreIt's down to the last couple of months for Justin Moore, as he and his wife Kate await the arrival of their daughter, Ella Kole, in February. With Justin being on the road as much as he is, it's hard for him to help Kate prep the house in time for the baby.

"I was putting the crib together this morning. I'm never home so I've had about three hours here in the last four weeks it seems like," Justin tells The Boot. "I've got to be in the studio this evening, so if I don't get this crib completed by the time I leave tomorrow morning, my wife is going to kill me! That's my only task left is to get that done, and then whatever my wife comes up with!"

Besides coming home to see his wife's baby bump growing more and more, there have been other surprises that have stopped the first-time dad in his tracks.

"It's funny ... I came home from a run about two or three weeks ago," Justin remembers. "I had no idea, but I walked in my house, and I had a pink room! I was like, 'Well ... I've got a pink room in my house now! It's officially started!'"

Justin admits that he still has a lot of questions about fatherhood, especially about all the gadgets that come with it!

"We were at Target yesterday, and my wife was making fun of me. I was like 'What's this? What's that? What's this?' She's like, 'It's a bath tub!' I'm like, 'Well, I don't know! Like I've had a baby before!'" he laughs. "Hopefully she can teach me all the things I need to know. They have all those women who are pregnant books, but we need a 'Babies for Dummies' for us guys!"

Next month, Justin will join Brad Paisley and Miranda Lambert out on the road for the last leg of Brad's American Saturday Night tour. His latest and fastest rising single, 'Backwoods,' is currently climbing the charts.