Justin Moore, Kate MooreJustin Moore may be happily married (with a brand-new baby!), but that doesn't mean he's looking forward to this weekend's holiday. "I hate Valentine's Day," Justin tells The Boot with laughter. "I think it's a made-up holiday!"

Justin admits that part of the reason he dislikes the holiday so much is because the last thing he needs is another date to remember. "I'm awful at remembering anniversaries and birthdays and stuff like that. Now that I'm gone so much, it's even worse!"

In recent years, Justin has come up with a practical formula to help keep him out of the doghouse. "What I usually do is have one of my friends who's a girl -- and I can't believe I'm admitting this -- I have her give me ideas, and then I give her my credit card and say, 'Here, go deal with this please.'"

These days, Justin must have "people" to help remind him of the romantic day, right? Wrong! "The problem is all of my 'people' are a bunch of guys who are as idiotic as I am," he jokes.

This year for Valentine's Day, Justin may be off the hook if he forgets, since he and wife Kate celebrated the birth of their first child, daughter Ella Kole, on Thursday (Feb. 11).