Justin MooreJustin Moore is gearing up to the hit the road with Brad Paisley early next year -- and he's looking forward to meeting Brad one day soon! That's right -- even though Justin scored an opening spot on the next leg of Brad's American Saturday Night tour, the two have never met.

Still, the singer, whose 'Small Town U.S.A.' shot straight to No. 1, is looking forward to the chance to play packed arenas. "You can't say enough about the opportunity that Brad's given us," says Justin. "I mean, it's huge for a new artist to get to play in front of as many people as we're going to get to play in front of. And It'll be our first time out with a hit song, so it'll be kinda cool to see."

While he's basking in the glow of a big hit, Justin jokingly admits he was concerned he might have been invited for an entirely different reason: his height -- or, more to the point, his perceived lack of height! "I think he might have invited me out because I'm the only one who can fit into a Little Jimmy Dickens outfit besides Little Jimmy Dickens. But hopefully, he won't make me wear one!"

Careful, Justin! Brad is, after all, one of country music's most notorious pranksters. Don't want to give him any ideas!

The next leg of the American Saturday Night tour, featuring Brad, Justin and Miranda Lambert, kicks off Jan. 7 in San Antonio and will wrap up March 6 in Charleston, S.C.