Justin Moore is in the middle of the coveted gig as an opening act on Brad Paisley's H2O World Tour, but while he's out living out his dream, it's bittersweet, as he misses his wife and their four-month-old daughter. So while on the road, Justin keeps his road 'wives' close for comfort.

"My guitar player and I take more crap on the bus because we both watch 'Desperate Housewives,'" Justin tells The Boot. "Everybody in the band makes fun of us. We fight back, saying, 'Every woman on there is hot!' That's how we justify it. It's an awesome show! It's hilarious! I've been watching it for quite a while now."

Justin says his wife, Kate, completely understands his 'Desperate' need. "It's funny because my wife TiVo's it," he says. "I usually get home from the road on Monday morning or Sunday afternoon, and we always watch it when I get back ... I know it's ridiculous!"

Justin's new single, 'How I Got to Be This Way,' hit radio airwaves this week.

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