Justin Moore used a clever and innovative way to reveal the new album cover for his upcoming project, 'Off the Beaten Path' -- hashtags!

The Arkansas native used camouflage to hide the final result, and then with an interactive campaign on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, using the hashtag #OFFTHEBEATENPATH, he uncovered the art work piece by piece.

Thanks to his loyal fans, Moore had over 11,000 tweets, more than 5500 Instagram photos, and well over 10,000 Facebook likes, which resulted in him tweeting the final product.

The 29-year-old, whose last album, 'Outlaws Like Me' was certified gold, says he is grateful for his recent success. "Every now and then I just kind of stop and think about it. I can’t believe we’ve been able to accomplish some of the things we have," he tells The Boot. "It kind of blows my mind when we go back and look at it all, but it says more about country radio and everybody in the industry and the fans than it does about us. We’ve been very fortunate to have a great deal of support across the board.”

'Off the Beaten Path,' which includes guest vocals by Miranda Lambert and Charlie Daniels, will be available in stores on Sept. 17. Moore will head out on his Off the Beaten Path headlining tour on Nov. 1, with Randy Houser and Josh Thompson joining him as his opening acts.