Justin MooreAs stars continue to share favorite Halloween memories, there's one star who admits he's always dreaded the spooky holiday!

"I'm a weirdo ... I don't like Halloween," Justin Moore tells The Boot with a laugh. "I like holidays, but I probably don't like Halloween, because I know it's getting colder. I absolutely hate cold weather! It depresses me that summer's coming to an end.

"I was a strange child-- you can ask my parents," Justin continues. "I never wanted to dress up, even as a kid! I was a very serious kid. I never wanted to dress up or paint my face. I was pretty odd! And it's not because I was shy -- I've always been outgoing."

But next year, we can bet that Justin won't have a choice when it comes to celebrating the holiday, as it'll be his first Halloween as a dad. The singer and his wife are expecting a baby girl in February.