John Moore and David Allan Coe

Justin Moore is riding high this week with the success of his first No. 1 single, 'Small Town U.S.A.' The newcomer also announced in the recent weeks that he and his wife, Kate, are expecting their first baby, daughter, Ella Cole, in February. If all of that wasn't enough to keep the singer floating on cloud nine, Justin will also have the rare opportunity to open up for one of his major influences, country outlaw David Allan Coe, on Oct. 2 in Houston.

Although Justin has never met the legendary singer-songwriter in person, he did get a phone call from him a couple of weeks ago, thanking Justin for mentioning his name in 'Small Town U.S.A.'

"David Allan Coe is huge to me," Justin tells The Boot. "He called to thank me for putting his name in the song. I just thought, 'Wow, that's pretty cool!'"

Fans who follow Justin on Twitter have been able to keep tabs on the other recent celebrity phone calls the Arkansas native has been receiving lately, including one from the musician he cites as his biggest influence, Dwight Yoakam.

"I love him," Justin beams. "I haven't met Dwight in person yet, but I'm looking forward to that someday!"

In terms of admiration for an artist, however, this fan's devotion to Justin is, as he says, "hardcore!"