"I don't think our music could be any more opposite than Rascal Flatts, me and those guys," Justin Moore confesses to GAC. "But that's one reason I'm looking so much forward to [the shows]. I think it's gonna be a lot of fun. It'll be challenging for us a little bit, and we're gonna play in front of a fan base that we probably haven't played in front of before."

Despite his country-to-the-core set list, Justin understands the importance of reaching a broader audience, especially with his opening act slot on the Flatts Fest tour.

"It gives you the opportunity to grow your fan base, which is the key to sustaining the level of success and adding to it every year," he admits.

When it comes to measuring up to the trio, Justin is doing exceptionally, both on and off stage.

"He's a great caddy!" Flatts lead singer Gary LeVox reports. "He's the greenhorn out there, and that's what opening acts have to do for Joe Don. It's a prerequisite. We put it in real fine writing at the bottom of the contract when he signed it. It said 'JD caddy' in there and Justin signed it. Welcome to a big headlining tour. It's just part of it. And Justin will be available at any golf course for autographs while Joe Don's golfing."

Justin's current single, "If Heaven Wasn't So Far Way,' moves closer to the top spot this week, sitting at No. 3. His album, 'Outlaws Like Me,' debuted last week at No. 1 on the Billboard Country Albums chart, with sales of 65,000 copies.

Click here to view Justin's summer touring schedule.

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