Justin MooreJustin Moore is on cloud nine since receiving news that he's going to become a daddy for the first time, right on the heels of celebrating his first No. 1 song, 'Small Town, U.S.A.' Justin and his wife Kate are expecting their bundle of joy -- a girl -- in February, the news of which he says came as quite a shock.

"I told my wife I don't think I've been home but three days the whole year," Justin says, with a laugh, adding that he didn't truly believe it until they got an ultrasound. "We got a 4-D one done and this was about when my wife was about 20 weeks pregnant. So, my daughter kinda looked like an alien -- most beautiful alien I've ever seen. But you could see her sucking her thumb already that early, and I said, 'Well, that's it. I'm in love.'"

The couple have already chosen the name for their daughter: Ella Kole, "My middle name is Cole and my wife likes Ella. But we're gonna spell hers K-O-L-E. Mine is C-O-L-E. Again, that's what my wife wants to do, so ... happy wife, happy life."

Justin's happy life continues as 'Backwoods,' the follow-up to 'Small Town U.S.A.' is currently climbing the charts.