Justin Moore, Kate MooreLast week, Justin Moore hit the road with Brad Paisley and Miranda Lambert on the last leg of the American Saturday Night tour. As Justin's wife Kate prepares to give birth to their first child -- daughter, Ella Kole -- the couple decided that having a C-Section is the way to go to ensure that the whole family can be part of the special day.

"I'm so busy that we just had to pick a day," Justin tells The Boot. "We picked [February] 11th, because that's the earliest they would let us do it. What's going to be horrible is that I have to leave on the 12th, so it's going to be rough. At least I know that I will be there, and I won't be missing out ... We're excited."

The last time we checked in with Justin on the baby status, he was in the midst of putting together little Ella's crib which he proudly says he completed after a lot of hard work.

"It took me about four and a half days, but I got it done," Justin told us with a laugh. "So I have a pink room and a crib put together now!"