The population of Justin Moore's 'Small Town USA' is about to grow -- by one. The singer will become a first-time father this February.

"Yeah, I don't know if it's mine yet, though," he jokes on Michigan station B93, before revealing he and his wife are expecting a baby girl, much to his chagrin. "I kept asking the gal, 'Is it still a girl?'"

Justin admits there may not be a few things he's not quite ready for, but the baby already has a name: Ella Cole. And although naming a child can be a daunting task for some couples, Justin says he and his wife made an agreement early on. "The agreement is my wife makes the decision and there you go," he deadpans.

In addition to getting ready for the baby, Justin has a packed tour schedule, thanks to the success of the Top 5 single, 'Small Town USA.' "It's been so cool to go around the country and see the fans reacting to it. It's a whole new world."

Justin's self-titled debut album recently debuted at No. 3, the second highest debut for a new artist in 2009.