When Justin Moore's wife Kate told him she was pregnant with their first child -- daughter, Ella Cole, due in February -- the singer joked about whether he was the father, since his hectic tour schedule has kept him away from home for weeks at a time. Upon seeing the 15-week sonogram, the dad-to-be said it all hit home for him.

"It wasn't real to me until we got the 4D sonogram done," Justin tells The Boot. "You can already see her sucking her thumb. I told my wife, 'Well, I'm in love! That's it ... I'm done!' My wife said, 'I'm going to have to be the one to discipline her, aren't I?' I was like 'Yeah, I'll be wrapped around her finger.' I won't be home that much, so I can't come home and get onto her! I'm just going to be handing out my credit card -- 'Yeah, you can have a Camaro even though you're six!'"

Now that Justin's song 'Small Town U.S.A.' has hit the top of the music charts, his own father's focus and inquiries have shifted to the arrival of his granddaughter.

"I'm an only child so my parents are on cloud nine. My dad went from being obsessed with 'where's the song at this week?' to making sure he buys everything under the sun for Ella," Justin laughs. "It's pretty cool. I've always wanted to be a dad. It's a little sooner than I had planned, but it's not our plans; it's God's plans. We're very excited. We're looking forward to it."

Justin's next single off his self-titled debut album will be 'Backwoods,' which he says may surprise his fans. "It's another redneck song from me!" he jokes. The music video for 'Backwoods' will be shot next month.