Julie Mintz, a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, is a refreshingly elegant talent. The music video for her new single, "Wildflowers" -- which Mintz directed and edited -- is debuting on The Boot.

The clip evokes nostalgia in a simple and serene way. Filmed to look like a gritty, raw home video, Mintz gases up the car and peruses thrift stores and heads out onto the open road and meanders like a free spirit while her gentle vocals provide a gorgeous backdrop. Ever ethereal in a flowing white dress, the talented gal has a voice and classic beauty that will make viewers fall in love.

Mintz's talent was recognized by singer-songwriter Moby, for whom she was a backup singer and keyboardist in 2011, and he produced her debut EP, A Thin Veil, which "Wildflowers" appears on. The blend of Americana and orchestral pop is reminiscent of Gillian Welch and Lana Del Rey, but Mintz makes the sound 100 percent her own.

Another single from the album, "'Til She Disappears," was inspired by a well-known artist who Mintz toured with early in her career.

"I was so intimidated by his talent," she admits, "and the more I liked him, the more I would doubt and edit myself around him — a long-held, unconscious habit, and a form of self-protection. It was unfortunate because as I was frantically trying to figure out who to be and what to say to make someone like me, I was slowly disappearing.”

But it's safe to say that Mintz has found out who she is, and Moby is totally on board with her sound as well.

"When producing this,” Moby adds, “I wanted the string arrangements and production to reinforce the contrast between strength and vulnerability in the song.”

The result is a project as unique as Mintz's freckle-filled face -- and just as effortlessly beautiful.

A Thin Veil is due out on May 5. It is available for pre-order on iTunes.