Julianne Hough has been eliminated from 'Dancing,' but not before she got in a little singing. The pro dancer turned country singer and her 'Dancing With the Stars' partner Cody Linley were voted off the show Tuesday. It was an emotional night for Hough, who danced for the first time after having her appendix removed, and sang her new hit single, 'My Hallelujah Song.'

"To be honest, I was more nervous singing on the set of 'Dancing With the Stars' than singing in front of 75,000 people, because everybody sees me as being a dancer," Hough told AOL TV after the show. "It was my chance to show, 'Hey -- I can sing, too!'"

Hough, who says she is "feeling good" after her surgery, admits she may have come back to the show a little too soon. But she was anxious to reunite with Linley.

"I really wanted to be there for Cody ... It's a hard thing to switch partners back and forth," she says. "Even though I probably could've stayed off another week, I wanted to make sure he was OK."

Hough had to end her run on the Paisley Party Tour to go back to 'Dancing With the Stars.' Juggling two careers has been tough for the 20-year-old beauty, who says she's now hanging up her dancing shoes for a while, to concentrate on music.

"I won't be coming back for the spring season for sure, but I might be coming back for the fall season," she says. "I've been on the show for four seasons straight, and in between all that, I went on tour, I recorded an album. It's hard to squeeze all that in and do a good job at it."

Hough says she's already started the writing process for her second album, which she promises will be "edgier ... deeper, and not so positive." She's also planning to gas up the tour bus in the new year.

"I'm going on a big tour next year, which I don't think has been announced yet. It's a pretty big tour, and we're about 98.5% sure it's going to happen."