Josh TurnerAudiences at Alan Jackson's Freight Train tour might have been a bit disappointed that backup dancers didn't grace the stage during Josh Turner's set. After all, he is the voice behind the toe-tapping hit, 'Why Don't We Just Dance.'

"No, no dancers," Josh told The Boot, laughing at the thought of two-steppin' at the show. "Maybe if I have a couple more No. 1s, I could afford to bring along a few dancers, but right now we're on a pretty tight budget!"

When he was asked to do the Freight Train tour with Alan and opening act Chris Young, Josh says it didn't take more than a second to say yes. "I did a few dates with Alan last year. He and I have a lot of the same kind of fans, so it's been fun to play to that crowd again. We go out and do about 50 minutes in front of him ... but no dancers!"

Josh says one of the things that makes being on the road enjoyable is that his family travels with him. His wife Jennifer is the keyboard player and sings backup in his band, and now that they have sons Hampton and Colby, the entire family lives on the bus when the singer is on tour.

"It's easy for us to all be on the road, because Jennifer and I feel like we're better together," Josh explains. "I started my career off out on the road without her, and there's no way to put it except that it sucked. It was our first year of marriage, and she was here teaching music in Nashville and I was on the road 300 days. We never saw each other.

"We had a serious talk one night and decided that something had to change. We both collectively decided she would come out on the road to keep me company, which she didn't mind because she likes to travel. Then one day we put up a mic and she started singing background vocals, and then she started playing piano. Then we got her a better keyboard, and she just kept on moving up the ladder."

After Hampton and Cody came along, Josh and Jennifer decided they would bring them along on as well. "We couldn't leave them behind so we adjusted as we went along. It works out real good, because when we are out there on stage, she has a job and I have a job. Then on the bus we both have jobs to do. We work as a team, but we're best friends and co-workers. And we know when that time comes when we need to take a break from each other, and we know when the opposite is true. It's been a learning experience, but we are better together."

The Freight Train Tour travels to University Park, Pa. on May 21 and Charleston, W.Va. on May 22. The tour ends May 23 in Lexington, Ky.


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