Josh Turner partnered with Today for a special Father's Day surprise for one very deserving dad.

Tennessee native Lewis Lusk gave up his dreams of being a country singer when he became a single father to two boys.

"I have always thought of them first," Lusk, who continued to compose music and sing at nursing homes throughout the years, says of his sons. "They meant so much to me. I don't know what I would have done without them."

Lusk's sons contacted Today with a request to help their father fulfill his musical dreams, and that's when Turner and Al Roker stepped in. Lusk headed to Memphis, Tenn., for what he thought was a luncheon at which he'd be performing -- but when he got there, his family surprised him on a tour bus and took him to the famed Sun Studio, where Elvis PresleyJohnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis, among others, recorded some of their biggest hits.

At the studio, Turner helped Lusk perfect and record an original song, "Sally & Jack," which you can hear below.

"As a father myself, I respect the sacrifices parents make for their children," the "Long Black Train" singer says. "In this case, Lewis put his dreams on a shelf for the sake of his boys, and to have a hand in helping make that dream come true for him here is something I won’t forget.”

Turner, a father of four boys, is working on his sixth studio album. Its first single, "Lay Low," was released last year.

“[The song] painted a mental picture of our cabin and how secluded it is. It’s where we go to get away from it all and reconnect with each other, to be reminded of what’s most important,” Turner says. “Laying low is something [my wife] Jennifer and I love to do. We most always have to make the time to do it, because as you can imagine, we don’t just have ample amounts of idle time.”

Download the single on iTunes.

Listen to Lewis Lusk, "Sally & Jack":