Josh Turner remembers feeling lost when he first started taking music classes at
. The singer is hoping to eliminate that situation with other kids with his newly announced Josh Turner Scholarship Fund, which will provide assistance to high school students who want to pursue a career in music.

"There were only 75 people in my graduating class at the school I attended in
Hannah, South Carolina
," Turner says. "It was a small school and that translated into not a lot of opportunities when it came to music. We had academic and sports programs but we never had a consistent music program. We would have a band one year, and a chorus one year, but nothing ever lasted."

Turner says he had never been taught music theory or heard about ear training, so it was like a whole new language for him when he enrolled at
. "I was talking to my producer, Frank Rogers, one day and he and I were discussing our music experiences from high school. Frank attended a 5-A school and was in a band and a chorus and took trips all over the country playing and singing. I never had any of that."

Further discussion with Josh's wife Jennifer and her enthusiasm to expose young people to music inspired Turner to start a scholarship fund that would help high school students learn more about music and help them jump-start a career in the music business. The requirements to apply for the fund is that the student be interested in pursuing any job that is directly associated with the music industry. "You don't have to be a singer or songwriter, so that makes the possibilities endless," Turner says. He has been selling "JT Fund For The Arts" bracelets at all of his shows to raise money for the fund.

A 2009 graduating senior from Turner's alma mater,

High School

, will be the first recipient of the scholarship. The student will attend a post-secondary school with a substantial arts curriculum. "Hannah-Pemlico is close to my heart and I know the extent of the needs there," Josh explains. "I'm looking forward to seeing our passion to promote art and music in schools become a reality in 2009."

The scholarship fund will be administered by The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. Information about the scholarship program can be found by going to

Turner will present an award on 'The 42nd Annual CMA Awards' Wednesday. He is nominated in the Musical Event of the Year category for 'Another Try' featuring Trisha Yearwood.