Katherine Heigl and Josh KelleyJosh Kelley, who recently announced he's crossing over to country, certainly has a musical family tree. His little brother Charles is the soulful baritone of Lady Antebellum, and while his wife, actress Katherine Heigl, and daughter Naleigh might not be singers (yet), they know a good tune when they hear it. In fact, Josh already predicts his one-year-old will follow in the Kelley tradition.

"She wakes up singing, instead of crying, which is awesome,"' the singer jokes with The Boot. "She's going to be a singer for sure ... She's a good baby. She's spoiling us."

It's probably safe to say that Josh is spoiling her right back. A track on his upcoming debut country album, 'Naleigh Moon,' is dedicated to his daughter, whom the couple adopted from Korea earlier this year.

"I don't think I could've ever written a song like that without having a kid. You know how people write songs about things that they don't really experience, but they're so good at writing that they can do that? That's not me. I have to experience it to write about it," Josh explains. "And when my little girl started touching my beard and wanting me to hold her instead of other people, I was like, 'Aw, she's mine! And she loves me!'"

While Katherine loves the song, Josh explains that "it takes a lot to jerk her tears." But another country singer apparently knows how to. "Miranda Lambert's song, 'The House That Built Me' -- we cried together the other day singing that song. [Mocking his wife crying] 'My dog was buried in the backyard, too!' ... Charles and I really relate to that song, too. It's just our life, identical."

Josh's upcoming country album is expected in March 2010. Read The Boot's full interview with Josh, including a funny story about the beginnings of Lady Antebellum, here.