Josh Brolin and Jessica Chastain will star as George Jones and Tammy Wynette, respectively, in an upcoming biopic about the Possum.

Rolling Stone Country reports that Brolin, an Oscar-nominated actor whose credits include No Country for Old Men, and Chastain, who appeared in, among other movies, The Help, have signed on to play the legendary country star and his former singing partner and ex-wife in No Show Jones.

"When they were trying to figure out who might be best able to best play George Jones, they thought, 'What about Brolin? Who's been to jail in the last 10 years? Let's pick Brolin!'" the actor quips, referring to his arrest for public intoxication on New Year's Day 2013.

Alan Wenkus is writing the film's screenplay, which will cover Jones’ legendary country music career, as well as his struggle with drugs and alcohol and his personal life, including his marriage to Wynette before finding love with his fourth wife, Nancy Jones. The Possum actually started writing the script many years ago, prior to his death in 2013. Nancy Jones showed the original script to Wenkus, who quickly signed on to do the project.

“He loved it, and he loves George. We brought him to town, absolutely loved him, and we’ve been working together since November,” Jones’ widow says. “He understands what I’m wanting. I don’t want any lies — I want it exactly the way George started the [script] when he started it six years ago.”

Nancy Jones has already done dozens of interviews with Wenkus, going over every detail of her late husband’s life, including his marriage to Wynette.

“We’ll definitely have Tammy in there. She was a big part of his life, and I love Tammy. I thought the world of Tammy, and we ended up being best friends. I have quite a bit of things [in the script] that we’ve talked about, me and her,” says Nancy Jones. “I will do her justice. If George was a butt with her, I’ll tell that, too. It will be an honest, honest movie.”

Nancy Jones says that her goal for the movie is to let others know the person she knew.

“We wanted to let the world know who George Jones is,” she explains. “To me, he really made country music. He never strayed away from his roots.”

A release date for No Show Jones has not yet been announced.

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