Joseph Huber has released his new album, 'The Hanging Road,' with Muddy Roots Music Recordings

Known for his banjo skills, Huber, a founding member of Milwaukee's .357 String Band, is now working on his solo career and performing as a one man band.

“For me, each individual song comes on its own, exists in a whole of its own, and if it doesn’t sound like any other, then all the better," Huber says.

"This album has Cajun, amped-up bluegrass, country and stripped-down singer-songwriter songs that range from the carefree to all-out hopelessness," he adds. "That’s why I enjoy playing music under just my own name. The music is whatever I change into as I grow older. I’ll always be Joseph Huber -- no matter what that becomes.”

In addition to playing all of the different instruments on the album himself, Huber also recorded and mixed the release.

"I like the idea of an individual musical vision being presented from the artist, regardless of the fact that extreme production or outside influence might make it sound more clean or presentable,” he says.

'The Hanging Road' is available on Amazon or on