Jon Pardi has released his latest single, 'When I've Been Drinking.'

The song is the fourth single from his debut album, 'Write You a Song,' and the tune serves as a throwback to old-fashioned country love songs. Pardi came out of the gate swinging with his first three anthemic singles, but 'When I've Been Drinking' slows things down for the California native.

Pardi co-wrote the single, along with nine of the other 10 tracks on his freshman album, with Jeremy Spillman and producer Bart Butler.

“I was a little outta my mind / Last night when I called you up / I’m sorry if I upset you / With all that missin’ you stuff,” he sings in apology. "Can’t be held responsible for what I was sayin’ / You know I say a lot of things when I’ve been drinkin’”

'When I've Been Drinking' is available on iTunes and Amazon.