Jon Pardi has been suffering the pain of a high school knee injury for years, and he's finally getting it taken care of, with an arthroscopic surgery to repair his meniscus and take out some leftover scar tissue.

“I wish I could say it happened during one of those plays with two minutes left to win the game, but it certainly wasn’t as exciting as that,” Pardi told Country Weekly the day before the Dec. 18 surgery. “I was a junior and it was homecoming, and I went up to catch a pass and my knee just popped. It basically ended my football career.”

The 'Up All Night' singer says it was time to get the injury fixed when the pain started to affect his live performances.

“It really started bugging me when it started affecting my onstage dancing,” Pardi states. “I’d get all into the music and start dancing around and try to do some karate chops up onstage, and before I knew it, I would get stuck in some crazy George Strait position. It wasn’t pretty.”

Pardi's debut album, 'Write You a Song,' releases next month, and the 28-year-old California native wanted to get his knee taken care of before the new year hit -- 'Up All Night' is still climbing the charts, and there is hope for more success with the new album.

“I will spend the next few weeks recuperating, working and doing some physical therapy, but also celebrating Christmas,” he says. “I’m planning to get a big ol’ Christmas tree and have a party for all my friends in Nashville. We are going to have turkey and stuffing and eat until we pass out.”

There are no updates on how well the surgery went, but Pardi's Twitter and Facebook accounts have been active since he underwent the knife.