Friends and fans alike were surprised last month to hear that John Rich had tied the knot. The Big & Rich singer and 'Gone Country' host married girlfriend Joan Bush in a small, secret ceremony in Nashville. And that's about all the detail we're going to get about his big day!

"I've never really understood artists that sold their wedding pictures or sell pictures of their kids," Rich tells the Associated Press. "I'm just not that kinda guy. You gotta keep something for yourself, and my private life is my private life. Everything else the fans are welcome to, and I've let 'em in just about every corner of my life except that."

Rich is keeping fans updated about his upcoming solo project, 'Son of a Preacher Man,' which is due in May. Its first single, 'Another You,' is already climbing the charts. But the country mogul insists his solo success does not mean a breakup for Big & Rich. He says his side project was a bittersweet result of an injury that partner Big Kenny suffered a few years ago. Kenny was hit by a drunk driver back in 2001 and had to have surgery on his neck last year as a result of lingering pain, forcing him to take some time off.

"I was faced with doing nothing for 18 months, which wasn't gonna happen, or put out new music," says Rich.

Rich says the track listing for 'Son of a Preacher Man' was practically already done, as he'd already written a number of songs that he felt were too personal for a Big & Rich album. As for its title, Rich is in fact the son of a preacher.

"I live my life with a King James in one hand and a Crown and coke in the other," he jokes.