John Rich has recruited some heavy hitters for the upcoming video for his runaway hit, 'Shuttin' Detroit Down.' 'The Wrestler' himself, Oscar-nominated actor Mickey Rourke, stars in the video, alongside legendary singer/songwriter/actor Kris Kristofferson.

"I cannot think of two guys who have pulled themselves up by the boot straps time and time again, blue collar level superstars, than Mickey Rourke and Kris Kristofferson," says Rich. "Two of the all time great American artists in what they do, and the faces that these guys have, they have faces that tell a story. It is a humbling experience working with these guys. I am way out of my league."

'Shuttin' Detroit Down' was inspired by those who've lost their jobs in today's tough economy. It is the second single from Rich's upcoming solo album, 'Son of a Preacher Man,' which arrives in stores on Tuesday.

Pictured above are Rich's manager Marc Oswald, video director George Flanigen, Mickey Rourke, John Rich, video director Robert Deaton and Kris Kristofferson.