John RichJohn Rich is a big fan of the concept behind Blake Shelton's new "six-pack" CD, 'Hillbilly Bone,' which includes six tracks in a sort of mini-album that is more affordable for the fans. Blake has already sold 138,000 copies of the project, which is in the Top 5 on the country charts, and he plans to release a second one in the summer. Though some artists aren't exactly sold on the idea of doing shorter albums, John thinks the plan just makes good sense in this day and age.

"You start talking about $12, $13 or $14, it's a different level of commitment there," John tells the Boston Globe. "And it's a lot of decent music. Most records I've ever bought, it's hard to put 11 or 12 smashes right in a row. Six, I think you can have a better piece of product, it's cheaper and the fans dig it."

John says he's contemplating releasing his own "six-pack" of all up-tempo rockers, calling it, 'Rich Rocks.' His Warner Music labelmate, Blake, would certainly approve. "Nashville has been looking for ways to try to get people back into the stores and buy albums again," Blake tells The Boot. "You hear a song on the radio these days, and you just pull out your phone and buy it off the internet right then, and you forget about it. We're looking for ways to remind people that we still make albums, and there's still cool music that you may not hear on the radio. So we decided to do a six-song album, and it's really cheap! It's like five dollars and change."

There's no word yet on when 'Rich Rocks' will hit stores. Blake's second six pack is due in the fall.

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