John Rich, Joe the PlumberRemember Samuel Wurzelbacher? His name may not be familiar, but his unofficial title, 'Joe the Plumber,' probably is. He shot to fame during the 2008 Presidential campaign by boldly questioning President Obama's tax policies during a rally in Ohio, and in the aftermath of the media spotlight, was even rumored to be working on a country album, before fading back into obscurity. But now Samuel, a/k/a Joe, is back -- and aligning himself with a country star, although his reasons have nothing to do with music.

Joe is scheduled to appear, along with John Rich, Karl Rove and talk-show host Glenn Beck, as part of the 'Taking Our Country Back' tour. It's a cause he is proud to stand behind. "Growing up, my dad regularly had me read the newspaper," he says. "With the dictionary right next to me, every time I didn't know a word he would say, 'Look it up.' That is part of my message to the American people: Stop listening to other people and 'Look it up!' You were blessed to be born in this country, with this blessing comes responsibility."

The event is the third in a series that has previously included Gretchen Wilson and former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin. The rally will be held June 26 at the Ford Center in Oklahoma City, Okla. More information can be found here.