John Rich's reputation just got a little bit cleaner. The Big & Rich singer has been the target of a lot of media speculation lately after he gave Danzig bassist Jerry Montano a bloody nose at a hotel in Hollywood last week. But Montano now says it wasn't a fight, rather a booze-fueled accident.

Montano tells TMZ that Rich had been drinking heavily and, still fuming over an unrelated fight the previous night, began throwing objects around his hotel room. Montano says he was trying to leave, when he was accidentally hit by a glass object that Rich was swinging around the room.

Paramedics were called to the scene to treat Montano for several cuts to his face, but the rocker refused to press charges. He tells TMZ both he and Rich were intoxicated and that it was an accident. Montano also insists he's still a fan of the country crooner.