The Nashville man accused of stalking Big & Rich singer John Rich says he was merely trying to settle their differences when he emailed the entertainer, which Rich claims violated two restraining orders.

36-year-old Chris Sevier tells Nashville's Fox 17 News that he was trying to effect a settlement via email for a legal wrangle between the two men that goes back years. Sevier is an attorney, and he previously sued Rich over ownership of the copyrights to some songs Sevier co-wrote with an artist named Shanna Crooks, which was ultimately decided in Rich's favor in 2011. Sevier was also the attorney representing country singer Jared Ashley when he accused Rich of assaulting him in a bar, which was dismissed.

He tells WZTV that Rich's old bitterness is at the heart of the new charges against him. “I blow the whistle against bullies and they push back, and they push back through any means they possibly can to hurt me in any way,” he tells the station. John Rich declined to speak with Fox 17 in regard to Sevier.

The attorney claims that the photo Rich alleges he sent depicting himself naked, wrapped in the American flag and covered in blood is actually a promotional photo for his band, and that he does not recall sending it to the singer. He says he's eager for his day in court, which is set for July 29. "There's no way that anyone can see that as a form of stalking," he states.

Sevier lost his legal license in 2011 after the Tennessee Supreme Court ruled that he could not practice law because of mental illness. Fox reports that he is suffering from PTSD caused by serving in Iraq.