On Thursday evening (Nov. 5), Joey + Rory asked loved ones, friends and fans, wherever they were, to stop and say a prayer for Joey Feek as she faces her terminal cancer diagnosis. In Feek's hometown of Alexandria, Ind., people were more than happy to oblige.

Nashville's WKRN-TV reports that "hundreds" gathered together in Alexandria, lighting candles and standing together as they listened to a recording of Joey Feek singing "Amazing Grace." Those at the event were more than happy to share their memories of and well wishes for the country singer.

“She’d sit around the campfire and she’d sing songs for us ... and just a precious girl, just wonderful,” says June Miller, whose children Feek babysat. “Joey, we love you, we think about you. We pray for you every night, and God does work miracles.”

On the couple's blog, Rory Feek has noted that he and his wife have been in Alexandria recently, visiting loved ones, and the town's support has extended beyond the vigil itself.

“My wife went to school with Joey, and everyone in town really knows everybody, and we’re a close knit community, and we’re all coming together for the family,” explains Terry Clegg, whose restaurant's marquee displays a message of support for the Feeks.

On Oct. 23, Rory Feek informed fans, via his blog, that his wife’s first round of chemotherapy and radiation treatments for Stage IV cervical cancer did not help; rather, two quarter-sized tumors have already appeared in the same area that the doctors had been treating, and several more tumors have appeared in her abdomen. In light of that sad news, the Feeks have stopped all medical treatments, returned to their Tennessee farm and canceled all of their Farmhouse Concerts that were scheduled for November and December. Joey Feek’s sisters and best friend planned the prayer vigil.

“In most emails, comments and conversations, everyone asks the same question to us … ‘what can we do to help?’ They sincerely want to do something. Anything,” Rory Feek explains. “There is something you can do … You can pray. You can pray my wife’s prayer with us.

“You can call it a prayer vigil, or a moment of silence, or what it actually is … a husband asking for help for the woman he loves,” Feek continues. “But please, one thing I ask … don’t just pray that Joey is healed. Yes, pray for a miracle. But also pray for peace in her heart, and ours, if God chooses not to let this cup pass from her sweet lips.”

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