When a loved one is dying, every day is a gift. As Joey + Rory continue to deal with Joey Feek's terminal cancer diagnosis, they know this fact well. But, as Rory Feek writes in a new blog post, Friday (Dec. 11) was a extra-special gift of a day.

"Not just because the sun was out and shining bright and the Indiana winter weather seemed far away," Feek explains, "... but because that afternoon, Joey decided to get out of bed and take a little stroll."

While friends and family were over, Joey Feek joined them in the living room and spent some time playing with their daughter, Indiana -- and "we almost couldn’t believe our eyes," Rory Feek recalls. "We were all so proud of her, but I think Joey was even more proud of herself."

In his new post, Feek also include a sweet video of his wife and daughter sharing playtime together, which fans can watch above. Walking and playing with Indy are not easy feats for Joey Feek, her husband notes, as she has been mostly confined to a hospital bed and was prepared to never walk again.

"But I guess the power-of-the-will is much stronger than the power of fear," Rory Feek continues. "Honestly, I think Joey just got tired of listening to life going on in the rooms outside of her bedroom and tired of wondering what it would be like to be part of it ... and she just had her sister Jody help her out of bed, and she came out and sat down and joined in for about an hour and a half."

As fans know, in late October, Rory Feek informed fans, via his blog, that his wife’s first round of chemotherapy and radiation treatments for Stage IV cervical cancer did not help; rather, two quarter-sized tumors had appeared in the same area that the doctors had been treating, and several more tumors had appeared in her abdomen. In light of that sad news, the Feeks stopped all medical treatments, returned to their Tennessee farm and canceled all of their Farmhouse Concerts that were scheduled for November and December. They have been spending time in Joey Feek’s hometown, visiting with family, friends and other loved ones, and in early November, Rory Feek revealed that his wife had entered home hospice care.

"We’ve all heard it said that each day should be treated like a gift, because it’s really the only one we have. But that’s much easier said than done," Rory Feek reflects. "... Before Joey went to sleep this evening, I sat beside her, and she told me that, for her, it’s all come into perspective recently. She said that when you’re lying in a bed day after day and you can do nothing and you don’t know if you’re gonna be here next Christmas, or next month or even next week ... you suddenly become hyper-aware that today … that this moment -- is all you have. And that today is enough. It truly is a gift."

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