For months, Joey + Rory have been keeping fans updated on Joey Feek's terminal cancer battle through their blog. Rory Feek has, through words and a few pictures and videos, shared their lives during this trying time, being open and honest. But, as he explains in a new blog post, he has also tried to "fiercely" protect his wife.

"With all that she's going through, I only want her to be seen in a good light ...," Feek writes. "Who she sees in the mirror these days looks like someone else … not the woman that she feels like she is inside. And it hurts her deeply."

Because of that, Feek says that he is careful when selecting what he puts in each post and on social media.

"It would break my heart to have the thousands of ‘before’ photos out there of her looking beautiful and healthy all these years … be replaced in people’s minds and hearts by a single ‘after’ photo of what cancer has done," he continues. "She wants to be remembered as a singer of songs. A devoted wife. A loving mother. Not a cancer patient. And so I have tried to be very careful. To honor her. But my wife is braver than me."

Feek goes on to explains that he and Joey Feek recently had a long conversation about her diagnosis and looked at the pictures and video that he has been taking.

"I honestly didn’t want to show her, but I did. She looked and watched -- and like too many times these days, her tears fell. Then she wiped our tears and asked me questions. Lots of questions. I did my best to answer them," Rory Feek recounts. "She wanted to know what was being said outside of this house. Out in the real world. I told her. I told her what was happening. At least what I thought seemed to be happening. That somehow, people -- a lot of people -- have been following her story. Our story. And how she was inspiring others with her courage. And how what I’ve been writing has been encouraging others in ways too. And we talked about how much is too much to share. How honest do we really want to be?"

Together, the Feeks "made some decisions."

"This is our life. It’s what He has given us to live. And share," Rory Feek writes. "Sharing what we’re going through with others is really all we have to give."

Feek also says that he wants to change people's opinions about hospice care. Although, as he says, "The word 'hospice' makes us all think the worst," and although Joey Feek's time in hospice care has been "a roller coaster" of both good days and bad, Rory Feek notes that "it's not uncommon for people to be on hospice for six months, or longer."

Feek goes on to reveal that his wife is no longer able to get out of bed, "but she is beautiful. So, so, so beautiful."

"When God begins to take the light from the outside … the light inside just shines all that much brighter," he adds. "It’s amazing. She’s amazing."

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