Joe Nichols was scheduled to be in the recording studio Tuesday, to work on songs for his next album, but he had a problem -- Nashville's gas shortage. While Texas-area oil refineries were trying to recover from Hurricane Ike, Nashville's gas supply was severely depleted, with many stations running out entirely.

So, what's a guy gotta do when the tank on his "good car" is empty? The answer: siphon some fuel from "Rusty," the 1975 orange Chevy Silverado farm truck with no windows, sizable rust holes in the sides, and no air conditioning!

"Usually I wouldn't mind driving my old truck into town," says Nichols. "But with the gas shortage in Nashville and all the AAA people tied up rescuing stranded motorists with no gas, I couldn't risk running out of gas AND the sides of the truck falling off on the interstate. She's called Rusty for a reason -- the rust is about all that's holding her together!"

After the siphoning operation was complete, Joe managed to make it to the studio. He also had enough fuel to make it to the Grand Ole Opry for a performance Tuesday night.