Joe NicholsJoe Nichols was feted with two parties in Nashville on Monday to celebrate the chart-topping success of his recent single, 'Gimmie That Girl.' It was not only a celebration of his journey back to the top of the charts after going missing from the No. 1 position for a few years, but also his journey to get back on the right path.

"This is so special for me right now, because of the adversity that we came through, the hard times, the difficulties it took to get here," Joe tells The Boot. "I don't mean just to get up the charts to No. 1. I mean to get get back on track, to make a healthy record, to have a healthy lifestyle, to be a healthy minded person. Those things were long, difficult journeys. This isn't the end of it, this is just a symptom of correction in my life. That's what makes me appreciate this all that much more, because this is a clear sign of if you get things right, and you can contribute and you're connected upstairs, then great things happen. That's why today is so special because it's a clear sign that my God is a great big God that blesses us big time."

While he did not write the song, Joe, who's been happily married to wife Heather for nearly three years, says she is the 'girl' he's singing about in the song. But it's a tune that translates to so many other relationships, as well. "The girl in the song is like any girl, like any woman out there," Joe explains. "Sometimes when she doesn't think that she's sexy or hot or doesn't think she is pretty, somebody's in love with her, somebody's checking her out, somebody notices. That person thinks the little things are sexy, are sexier than the big things [laughs] no pun intended ... I think the special thing about this song is that guys really fell like this. When they're in a relationship with a girl, he starts noticing things that guys just passing by wouldn't notice. When your hair's in a mess and you kinda talk like you're half-sleepy, kind of groggy and you've got that little bit of a baby talk, pouty talk, that's sexy!"

'Gimmie That Girl' is from Joe's latest album, 'Old Things New,' which also features his new single, 'The Shape I'm In.'

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