Although Joe Nichols confesses he may be "computer illiterate," he's certainly not shy when it comes to letting his followers on Twitter know just what he thinks. On Monday, in response to the Kanye West/Taylor Swift debabcle at the MTV VMA's, Joe tweeted. "I guess Kanye gets off on picking on little girls. I guess that's part of his small man's complex."

And that was tame compared to his previous tweet, which read: "I wish I would have won an MTV VMA. Kanye would be missing some teeth if he pulled that sh-- on me."

Joe reveals that because he's something of a Twitter novice, some people think he's too slow at posting new tweets. He tends to agree, responding, "Once a day's like rockin for me ... It's brand new to me, so maybe I'll get better at it."

In spite getting a little worked up about the Taylor/Kanye incident, Joe says he believes good manners are essential when sharing information via Twitter. "Treat the tweet like you would treat a first date," he says. "Don't reveal anything that would scare them off quickly."

(If that includes weird food combinations, don't look at Joe's disturbing tweet from Sept. 2!)