Jo Dee Messina is back on the road again. But instead of performing to packed arenas and stadiums, she created the Music Room Series tour to give fans a more informal and intimate experience. But, the singer admits, it's become an experience she never expected.

"It's a show that started out as a storyteller kind of series," Jo Dee tells the Daily Breeze. "I would talk to the audience about the songs and the circumstances behind them and what they meant to me. But it quickly evolved into being more about the audience. When they would make requests, they would tell me stories about how they related to my songs and what personal meanings the songs had taken on for them."

While she loves the personal interaction with her fans, she acknowledges that the requests have caused a few problems, especially when fans request songs that aren't hers. "If we know it, we'll give it a shot. People will request something by Patsy Cline or other past performers, and if we think we can do it, we will. People have asked me to do things such as a Martina McBride song, but I have to draw the line at that. I tell them, 'We don't know that one!'"

In addition to touring, Jo Dee is also finishing up her first studio album in almost five years. "I've written a few songs, and I'm not exactly sure yet how many will be on the album. We've cut 21 songs for it."

Jo Dee will have a new single, 'That's God,' out in January, with the album, 'Unmistakable,' slated to come out in March.