It seems Jo Dee Messina might be the latest country artist to compete on 'Dancing With the Stars.' The singer shared on her Facebook page that she took time away from caring for her sick mother to meet with producers for the Emmy-winning show.

"Well, got in from touring this week. It's the longest I've been away from my Mom in months," she wrote. "As soon as we got in I headed to the airport to fly to LA. I had a meeting with the folks at ABC and 'Dancing With The Stars.' I'm hoping to get on there for the fall season. (fingers crossed) The folks out there were so nice. I really enjoyed meeting with them."

Messina, who adds that she enjoyed a rare night out with her husband while on the West Coast before flying back home to her mother and her two small boys, says the time away was as important as her potential business venture.

"We talk about our situation often," she adds. "It's one of the phases that life puts you through. The key is finding a way to get through it. The time with 'nothing to do' in LA was awesome. We laughed and got the chance to be silly. We got a chance to remember why it is we love each other so much. I guess date nights are crucial. Life hasn't allowed many of them lately, but, that's OK."

The 42-year-old says that, regardless of whether or not she joins the fall cast of the TV show, she appreciates the opportunity to take a break from her hectic life. "We needed that time," Messina adds. "10 hrs on a plane (back and forth) and a great dinner (hang time). So, whether or not I get on 'Dancing With The Stars' this fall, I'm [grateful] for the meeting. It allowed me to spend with [my] sweet husband."

Other country artists who have appeared on 'DWTS' include Sara Evans, Chuck Wicks, Jewel, Wynonna Judd and Kellie Pickler, who took home the mirror ball trophy earlier this year.

Messina, who is working on a new album thanks to fans contributing to her Kickstarter campaign, is letting fans pick her next single from her upcoming album. She has narrowed down the selection to 'Woman's Rant' or 'Peace Sign.' Listen to the tunes and cast your vote here.