JJ Lawhorn has just completed filming a video for his new single, 'Good Ol' Boys Like Us,' and he's giving readers of The Boot an exclusive first look.

The song is the second single from Lawhorn's debut album, 'Original Good Ol' Boy,' which he released last year via Average Joes Entertainment. It was inspired by the passing of a friend that shocked Lawhorn's hometown community a few years ago.

"I just felt inspired to write the song after seeing how everybody came together to celebrate his life after he'd passed away," he tells The Boot. "I wanted to write something that inspired people just to think about, hey, even though this person's gone, they're still with us. They're still watching over us. They're like guardian angels."

With such a strong emotion behind it, the song came very quickly. "To this day I will tell you that I don't feel like there's a song that I've ever written that was any better," Lawhorn adds.

The song took on even greater significance when the young singer lost another friend recently. "I actually had my best friend that I first moved down to Nashville with pass away about two months ago, in a motorcycle accident," he shares. "I got a call going to West Virginia to play a show, and that kinda changed my view of the song. I had to sing that song that night -- I still had to play the show after I just found out that my best friend died. I've known the kid since I was four years old. I remember singing the song that night for him, and ever since that night, the song has just taken a completely different place in my heart. I don't feel that there's a song that's closer to my heart than this one."

Lawhorn knew the video for the song would require a special approach. "I just knew that it had to be right," he relates. "I just told [the record company], 'I'm gonna go shoot this video in my hometown, and I'm gonna go to the places that we used to go, and I'm gonna film things that we used to see and do.' Me and the producer talked for a long time about just trying to make everything as authentic as possible."

That included the casting. "It's freaky to me to watch it, because I've actually got my best friend's little brother playing him as a kid, and his little buddy playing me as a kid," Lawhorn shares. "Throughout the video, you see these kids running around shooting BB guns and whatever, just doing all these different things, carving stuff out of trees -- things that we used to do, and it shows me remembering it all."

The singer-songwriter hopes the video provides a measure of peace for anyone who's lost someone close to them. "I want them to re-evaluate it being a negative thing," he says. "Yeah, it's terrible that our family, our friends and loved ones pass away, but I want people to look at the positive side. Hey, they're in a better place right now, and they're watching over us. They've got our backs from somewhere up above, like the song says. I'm just trying to push a positive message and kinda help people get through tough times."

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