Jimmy Wayne fans know where their favorite singer is at almost any given time of day. All they have to do is follow him on Twitter.

"I want to bring fans closer into where I am on the road," Jimmy tells The Boot of his religious Tweeting. "Sometimes I'm in an airport lying on the floor, and I'm like, 'Oh you gotta see this.' So I send it out over my phone and it reaches everybody all over the world. No matter where they are, they can be with you -- it's fun!"

One of Jimmy's most recent Twitter photo uploads -- a picture of him looking very ill just before he exiting the Batman Rollercoaster at Six Flags -- brought in a sea of comments and advice on how not to get sick while riding one of those metal dragons. On a more positive note, he Twittered that he brought in 500 new fans in six days, bringing him up to over 3,000 followers.

While Jimmy loves to Twitter just about anything to his fans, his record label would sometimes like him to be a little more selective in his posts and pictures. "Sometimes it's a mistake, and you can't erase a picture once it's up," Jimmy admits. "I've been called by the record company more than once for putting up stuff. For instance, when I Twittered, 'Hey guys, this is what it looks like when I'm not in my underwear,' and I took a picture of my underwear. It got millions of hits though!"