In 1999, nearly four years before he had his first solo hit, Jimmy Wayne co-wrote (with Skip Ewing) a song called 'Put Your Hand In Mine,' which became a Top 10 hit for Tracy Byrd. But at the time, someone apparently forgot to tell Jimmy about it!

"I was green and didn't really know what was going on," says the singer-songwriter. "I wrote the song and didn't even know he recorded it until I heard it on the radio as I was pulling into the gym one evening."

In addition to probably paying closer attention to what happens to the songs he writes and records, Jimmy admits he's learned a lot about the music business, and especially about songwriting - although his basic approach to writing remains the same.

"I still write using the same 'tell the truth' formula. Let the song write itself," says Jimmy. "I've also learned over a period of years performing at fairs and festivals that people enjoy a simple song once in a while. An up tempo like the new one, 'I'll Be That' just makes you feel good. That's the reason people come to see you play to begin with."

Fans will be able to see Jimmy play throughout the summer on Brad Paisley's American Saturday Night tour, which just kicked off this past weekend. He'll also be performing several solo gigs throughout the year.