Jimmy WayneJimmy Wayne is down to his last 500 miles in his Meet Me Halfway solo-walk across America to raise awareness for at-risk teens aging out of the foster care system. He began his journey on New Year's Day when he left Nashville, Tenn. on foot heading toward Phoenix, Ariz. Last week the singer crossed into Yeso, N.M. (population 5), and he came to an epiphany: he wants to keep on going.

After he reaches his final destination on this leg of his Meet Me Halfway campaign, Jimmy says that he hopes to extend his journey over time. "I think it would be cool to get back to Nashville and somewhere down the road -- not saying to it immediately when I get back -- but at some point go back and walk from Nashville to the East Coast or pick up in Phoenix and walk to the West Coast," Jimmy tells The Boot. "I'd even like to do some stuff down the road where I visit each state in America. Over a period of years, maybe every January when I have time off, consider walking across one state. That would be neat. Walking across Florida in the winter time would be cool; walking across Wisconsin in the dead of winter would be stupid," he adds with laughter.

In related news, Jimmy has been named the National Celebrity Spokesperson of FosterClub for his hard work and determination to help teens in need. "From my past, I know first hand what young people in foster care are facing," Jimmy says of the honor. "Young people in this country should not be faced with that kind of situation -- especially kids who we've stepped in to care for when their families couldn't. If the bit of celebrity I have can help me raise awareness of this situation -- that there are kids and young people out there who need our help -- then I feel like I have accomplished my goal."

To keep up with Jimmy on his journey to help end teen homelessness, visit the official website for project Meet Me Halfway by clicking here or follow him on Twitter.

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