Jimmy WayneJimmy Wayne continues to receive support for his 'Meet Me Halfway' walk to Phoenix, Ariz., including a shout-out (on paper) from Brad Paisley's father. Jimmy posted a photo on his Twitter account of "Papa Doug Paisley" holding a homemade sign saying, "Jimmy! Keep on Walking." He says he and Brad's dad became pals when he was the opening act on Brad's American Saturday Night tour last year.

Jimmy is still trekking along Highway 70 in West Tennessee, and with wind chill temps falling to 15 below zero, he's experiencing some tough conditions. It's so cold that the water valve on his Camel Back canteen froze.

The lack of daily luxuries makes it worthwhile for the singer, though, when people stop along the way to give him food, such as the folks who left a meal alongside the road on Thursday as Jimmy left Huntingdon, Tenn., or the guy from McKenzie, Tenn. who offered him the weather-issued attire he wore in Iraq to make sure Jimmy stays warm.

The 'Sara Smile' singer, who should be crossing the state line into Arkansas in the next couple of days, is walking from Nashville to Phoenix to raise awareness for homeless kids, teens and young adults.

In addition to following him on Twitter, you can visit Jimmy's official website for more information on his journey.