Jimmy WayneIt has been one month since Jimmy Wayne left Nashville on foot to walk halfway across America for his project 'Meet Me Halfway.' The trek through Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona is to raise awareness and funding for teens who age out of the foster home system and prevent them from winding up on the streets.

Jimmy has certainly met some fellow Good Samaritans along the way. The singer has had families invite him into their homes -- some of them cooking for him, others doing his laundry, and all of them sharing stories.

"I had this one guy tell me about how he attempted suicide," Jimmy recalls to The Boot. "He's doing this as he's cooking me breakfast. He was a really cool guy. He says, 'I'm so glad that I didn't die. It was a stupid thing that I did, but I was depressed.' These people feel like they can tell me these stories."

Over the weekend, Jimmy crossed paths with a pastor whose church has been praying for him. It's the first show of support Jimmy has had from a religious organization.

"I've kind of been surprised by how many churches haven't gotten involved with how much the word's been out," Jimmy, who started his walk on Jan. 1, notes. "I know it's the people not the steeple, but according to what the word says, we're supposed to take care of the orphans. To not support that, in some ways, makes me shake my head."

So is there anything Jimmy wishes that he could have known prior to leaving Nashville?

"Yeah," he says smiling. "You might want to take a lighter out there so you can unthaw your tent poles, because they freeze. It takes you extra time to get them to thaw out!"

Jimmy expects to arrive in Phoenix, Ariz. at HomeBase Youth Services some time in late March or early April. To track Jimmy on his journey or to make a donation to project 'Meet Me Halfway,' visit the official website by clicking here.

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