Jimmy WayneJimmy Wayne is just a little over a month into his cross-country 'Meet Me Halfway' walk, making his way from Nashville, Tenn. to Phoenix, Ariz. on foot to raise awareness for teens who age out of the foster home system. Throughout the more than 300 miles he's hiked so far, Jimmy says he's met many families who have come out to show their support by giving him food and shelter and even logging some miles of walk-time in with the singer.

"I've had families park their cars in store parking lots and walk with me," Jimmy tells The Boot. "It's been great."

Jimmy encourages people to get involved however they like, but he does have some "rules" when it comes to fans who want to walk with him during his campaign.

"I had a woman walk up and say, 'I'm going to let my daughter walk with you,' which I had to shut down real quick," he explains. "I don't want people to take this the wrong way, but I don't want a 14-year-old girl walking by herself with me down the road. That's just not what I'm trying to do. If they want to walk as a family, that's great, but I don't want them sending their kids out to walk with me for liability reasons. I recommend if people want to walk that they bring their family. If it's a kid that wants to walk, they need to be of legal age, and they need to have somebody else with them -- not by themselves."

As Jimmy heads toward Oklahoma, he will take a brief detour Feb. 8 and 10 for special performances in Missouri and Ohio. To follow Jimmy's whereabouts on his 'Meet Me Halfway' campaign or to make a donation, visit the MMH website.

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