Jimmy WayneJimmy Wayne has met a lot of fellow Good Samaritans along the roads on his 'Meet Me Halfway' walk to raise money and awareness for teen homelessness ... Unfortunately, he's also encountered a thief who's thrown a big roadblock on the trek.

Though Jimmy is walking the entire 1,700 miles from Nashville to Phoenix, he does have an RV, provided by Hiscall, Inc., for storing his personal belongings. This weekend, Jimmy returned to the Hot Springs, Ark. area where the vehicle has been parked to take a day off to regroup. He was disappointed to find his Samsonite suitcase had been stolen.

"It's an orange and black suitcase with all my stage clothes that I use when I have to stop [walking] and do a show," Jimmy tells The Boot. "It also had my Marmot clothes (Jimmy's other big MMH sponsor) in it, including a leather jacket. It was last seen Tuesday at the Comfort Suites Hotel parking lot where my driver stayed ... I need those clothes!"

Jimmy says the bag has a green tag hanging on the outside of the bag and the No. 3 on it.

"The RV obviously states on the exterior that we're trying to help someone ... I can't believe someone would take my suitcase from it," he says. "It's very wrong, but may the missing suitcase be a blessing and a lesson to all of us. We can't allow anything to deter the mission of project 'Meet Me Halfway.' These kids need us."

When finding out about the stolen suitcase, Marmot has contacted Jimmy and offered to replace all of the donated clothes and even threw in a few duffle bags.

"What an amazing company Marmot is," says Jimmy. "I hope everyone considers them when shopping for outdoor attire!"

Anybody who has seen the missing bag or knows where it may be is asked to contact the information attached to the bag's tag, email Jimmy's through his Twitter website or call the local country radio stations throughout Arkansas.

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